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The state of Massachusetts is located in the northeast region. It falls in the New England region. It is flanked by New Hampshire and Vermont in north, bordered by New York in west, borders Connecticut and Rhode Island in south and in east it is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean.

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The state is the 7th least extensive state but the 14th most populous state among all the fifty states of U.S.A. but it is the most populous state in the New England states. It has the ranking as the 3rd state with the densest population. It is ranked as sixth to have the highest GDP per capita in U.S. Few major metropolitan cities are Springfield and Boston. Boston is in the eastern region while Springfield is in the western region of the state. More than half of the population of the state (around two third) lives in Boston. It consists mostly of urban areas.

The capital of the state is Boston which is also the largest city. 50 Cities and 300 towns have been grouped in 14 counties. An urban area in the west region of Massachusetts known as the ‘Knowledge Corridor’ has a mixed area consisting of rural, town and colleges. It lies along the River Connecticut.

Massachusetts State has played an important role in the American history i.e. culturally, historically and commercially. In the 18th century Boston which is also known as the Cradle of Liberty gave way to the American Revolution. The Boston city was known as the Cradle of Liberty as only in this city conflict started for independent U.S.A. from British rule.

The state was the first state in U.S.A to legalize marriage of the same sex in 2004 which was a decision made by the Supreme Judicial court. Political families such as the Adams and Kennedy were from Massachusetts State.

Massachusetts State Map

Map of Massachusetts Towns

Massachusetts County Map

Massachusetts Cities Map

The principal cities of Massachusetts include Boston, Worcester, Springfield, Lowell, Cambridge, Brockton, New Bedford, Fall River, Lynn and Quincy.


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