Map of Michigan


The state of Michigan is located in the Great Lakes regions. It is flanked by Lake Saint Clair and four out of the five Great Lakes. The name of the state is derived from an Ojibwa word ‘mishigamaa’ which is in French language. The meaning of the word ‘mishigamaa’ is large water body or lake. Therefore the meaning of Michigan is large lake or large water.

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The census taken in the year showed that the people residing in the state were 9,883,640. It is ranked as the eight most populous state of United States of America. Michigan State has 64,980 lakes and inland ponds. Therefore the state tops in recreational boating in U.S. In the state a person usually stays within 10 km from a natural water body else more than 107km from Great Lakes shoreline. The longest freshwater coast of any political subdivisions is of Michigan State. In the east of the River Mississippi, the state has the largest total area.

It is the only state in U.S.A. to have two peninsulas. They are the Upper Peninsula and Lower Peninsula. The two peninsulas are separated by Strait Mackinac. The Strait Mackinac is of 8 km and it connects Huron Lake and Michigan Lake. A bridge known as the ‘Mackinac Bridge’ joins the two peninsulas. The Upper Peninsula is known for its natural resources specially iron ore which is available in large amount. The Upper Peninsula is also a tourist destination. This provides finance and therefore is economically significant.

The state consists of 83 counties.  The governing body is of three level systems. They are statewide, county and township. The counties play a role of administrative divisions of the state; also there are townships that act as administrative divisions of a county. However the two have the powers of the state government and can handle the requirements of the region which are managed by them.

Michigan has 276 cities, 257 villages, 1,240 townships, and many unincorporated communities in its 83 counties.

Michigan State Map

Michigan Counties Map

Michigan Cities Map

Some of the well-known cities in Michigan include Detroit, Grand Rapids, Ann Arbor, Sterling Heights, West Land, Flint, Livonia, Dearborn


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