Map of Minnesota


Minnesota is located in the Midwest region of U.S.A. It is bordered by Iowa in south; North and South Dakota in west and in north it is flanked by the provinces of Canada, Ontario and Manitoba. Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan, all the three states are bordered by Lake Superior in the northeast region.

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It is ranked as twenty one as the most populous state and twelfth as the largest state among the fifty states of United States. It covers an area of 86,943 sq miles which is around 2.25% of the country. It achieved statehood on 11th of May, 1858 and was the thirty second state to join the Union.

Minnesota has many lakes which are surrounded by forest and gardens, therefore it is known as the ‘The Land of Ten Thousand Lakes’. The name is derived from a Dakota word which means ‘sky tinted water’. People from all the places are attracted to visit the lakes and gardens. This has made the state a tourist destination for many to enjoy their vacations.

Minneapolis and Saint Paul which are metropolitan cities are known as the ‘Twin Cities’. They accommodate about 60% of the population of the state. They are the main centers for trade and industries, transportation and education.  North Woods is the least populous place where mining, forestry and recreational activities are carried out.

The western region of the state is mostly prairies where intensive farming is done and in southeast which mostly had forests is currently occupied by farmlands and settlers.

The state of Minnesota is known to be the healthiest state and has more of literate population in comparison to all the other states of U.S. The majority of state’s population consists of Scandinavians and Germans. The state thus is known to be center of Scandinavian American cultures.

The state of Minnesota has eighty seven counties.

Minnesota State Map

Minnesota Counties Map

Minnesota – map of cities

Some of the popular cities in Minnesota include Minneapolis, Bloomington, Brooklyn Park, Plymouth, Coon Rapids, Burnsville, Eagan, Saint Paul, Duluth and Rochester.


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