Map of Missouri Counties, Cities, State Map


The state of Missouri is located in the Midwest region of U.S.A. It is flanked by 8 separate states like the state of Tennessee. In U.S.A no other state is bordered by more than 8 borders. It is flanked by Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois in east; Iowa in north; Arkansas in south and west is bordered by Oklahoma, Nebraska and Kansas State.

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River Missouri and River Mississippi are the largest rivers and they make up the border for the east of the Missouri State. These rivers also link two major metro cities St. Louis and Kansas City. The cities are also the largest metro cities.

The state of Missouri has mixed population of urban and rural traditions and cultures. The census in the year 2010 showed 5,988,927 residents living in the state. It is the 18th most populous state in U.S.A. and 4th most populous state in the Midwest region.

The state was bought through the Louisiana Purchase from France and the Missouri Territory was then formed. It achieved statehood on 10th of August in 1821 and was the 24th state to join the union.

Branson is a tourist destination. It lies in the southwestern region of Ozarks of Missouri State. It attracts many tourists and in 2005 Missouri State had some 16,695,000 visitors to view the national parks and other tourist spots.

The state of Missouri consists of one hundred and fourteen counties. St.Louis is the densest city and is also an independent city. The report in the year 2008 showed St.Louis County as the most populated county with 991,830 residents. Jackson County was second with 668,417 residents. The least populous county was Worth County with only 2,039 residents.

Missouri state map

Missouri counties map 

Map of Missouri cities

The capital of the state is Jefferson. Some of the largest cities of the state are St.Louis, Kansas, Springfield, Columbia and Independence


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