Map of Nebraska Cities, Counties, State Map


The state of Nebraska is situated in the Midwest region of the Great Plains of United States of America. The state is flanked by Missouri in southeast; Colorado in southwest; Kansas in south and Wyoming in west. It is bordered by Iowa in east and South Dakota in north.

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The capital of the state is Lincoln and Omaha is the largest city, it is located on the River Missouri. The state is known as a farming and ranching state. It is ahead in these fields in comparison to all the other states of U.S.

The state is segregated in two major areas i.e. Dissected Till plains and Great Plains. The east region of the state forms the Dissected Till Plains. They have rolling hills. Major cities such as Omaha and Lincoln are in these plains. The west region of the state forms the Great Plains. Panorama point is the highest point in Nebraska. Its height is 1,653 meters. The state follows two time zones. The western region of Great Plains follows the Mountain Time and the Dissected Till Plains in the eastern region follows the Central Time.

The state of Nebraska has 93 counties. In this fifty three counties rate of population decreased between 1990 and 2000. The main counties where there was a decline in the rate of population were Frontier and Hitchcock. The state is mostly occupied by Czech American non Mormon Danish America. The largest ancestral group is the German American. They reside mainly in the east counties. Butler County is mostly of the Czech Americans and the population of American Indians dominates the Thurston County.

Nebraska State is an agricultural land and is famous as a major state in producing beef, soybeans and pork corn. The state has few other main sector of economy such as transportation of freight, manufacturing, information technology, telecom and insurance. The report in the year 2010 showed the rate of unemployment of the state as 4.6 %.

Nebraska state map

Nebraska counties map

Map of Nebraska cities

Some of the major cities in Nebraska are Grand Island, Omaha, Lincoln, Kearney, Hastings, North Platte, Columbus, Freemont, Norfolk and Bellevue.


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