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The state of New Hampshire is situated in the New England region in the northeastern region of the United States of America. It is bordered by Atlantic Ocean in east; Massachusetts in south Vermont and Maine in west and shares an international border with Quebec, province of Canada in north.

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The state is named after an English County called Hampshire.The capital of New Hampshire is Concord and the largest city of the state is Manchester. The state has the ranking as 9th for the least populous state and forty sixth for the total land area among all the fifty states of U.S.A.

The state was the first state in United States of America to attain independence from British rule. It was freed on January in the year 1776. It joined the Union on June in the year 1788. It was also the first state in U.S. to create its own constitution and was the ninth state to join the constitution.

New Hampshire State is known for winter games such as snowmobiling, skiing, hiking and mountaineering. In the east coastline of the state Ski Mountains are visible, thus visitors enjoy the coastlines, lakes and various other motor games. Some portions of Vermont from Appalachian Trail and Maine are connected by the White Mountain National Forest. The height of Washington Mount is 1,917 meters, travelers travel to the Washington Mount through Washington Mount Auto road.

The state of New Hampshire has 10 counties. Five counties were created in the year 1769, that time the state was under British rule. Later in the year 1840 counties like Carroll County and Belknap County were created. The counties were named after famous personalities of U.S. and England else it was named after the features and locations of the state. For example a county has been named ‘Coo County’. It derived its name from a Native American word the meaning of which is ‘crooked’. It was so named due to the twist in the River Connecticut.

New Hampshire state map

New Hampshire Counties Map

New Hampshire Cities

The state has 10 counties, 13 cities, 221 towns, and 25 unincorporated places



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