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The state of New Jersey is situated in northeastern region in the central Atlantic regions of United States of America. It is bordered by Atlantic Ocean in south and southeast; Delaware in southwest; Pennsylvania in west and the state of New York in north and east. The capital of the state is Trenton and the largest city is Newark.

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The state of New Jersey is the 4th largest state and 11th most populous state in U.S. The report of Median Household Income of 2009-2010 showed New Jersey State as the third wealthiest state. The state is encircled with metropolitan cities such as New York and Philadelphia.

In the past the state was inhabited by Native Americans for more than 2800 years. Tribes known as Lenape which is a historical tribe lived by the coastlines. In the state a lot of wars have been fought during the American Revolution.

The state consists of 21 counties. Among the 21 counties nine of the counties are listed among the wealthiest. The latest county to be formed was in the year 1857 called as the Union County. It is the only state to have called the county officers as Freeholders. The governing bodies administer each county as a part of the board of the selected Freeholders. Also a referendum is there for the determination of the number of freeholders in each county. Each should have three, five, seven or nine associates. The legal and official responsibilities are carried out by the freeholders or can be segregated into sections of government as per the features of the county. In 16 counties the freeholders carry out the legal as well as the official duties on the basis of payment. Single freeholder has duties for a sector or number of sectors. In few counties such as Mercer, Atlantic, Essex, Hudson and Bergen the county official are elected directly by them. This official performs the official duties while the freeholders’ board handles the legal responsibilities.

New Jersey State Map

Map of New Jersey Counties

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